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A Passion for Writing & Content Creation

Creative, out-of-the-box thinking, and developing abstract concepts and ideas into branded realities for the marketplace is Maryann Ridini Spencer’s forte. Maryann works as a content creator for clients and pursues her passion projects in the literary, film, and broadcast media arena. Utilizing her expertise and “vision” as an award-winning screenwriter, producer, author, journalist, TV Host, and seasoned PR/marketing professional, Maryann is committed to producing content and product that inspires, entertains, educates, and uplifts.

President, Ridini Entertainment Corporation

To combine her passions for writing, producing, and marketing, in 1990, Maryann founded Ridini Entertainment Corporation (REC), a Content Creation, PR/Marketing, and TV/Film Production Company. For REC clients, Maryann develops and oversees all public relations, film, video & multimedia activities, personally attending to each campaign and project.

REC clients have included NBC/Universal, The United States Olympic Committee (working with Olympic athletes & hopefuls and the GAMES), E! Entertainment Television, Miss Universe, Inc., McGraw-Hill, American Public Works Association (APWA), Strand Home Video, Anchor Bay Entertainment, the cities of Ventura and Riverside, CA and Tempe, AZ, among many others.

Television and Movie Screenwriter & Producer

As an award-winning screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild of America West and Producers Guild of America, Maryann is celebrated for co-producing/writing the award-winning movie, The Lost Valentine, starring Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The film, a critically-acclaimed, ratings hit from Hallmark Hall of Fame (in Association with Ridini Entertainment Corporation based on the novel of the same name by James Michael Pratt), premiered Sunday, January 30, 2011, on CBS-TV (9:00 pm ET/PT) to over 15 million viewers. It held its position for five years as being CBS-TV’s highest-rated movie, and at the time of its premiere, it was Hallmark’s highest-rated movie in four years. Since it’s debut, it has since become one of Hallmark’s classic, most beloved movies, and is now a part of Hallmark’s Gold Crown Collector’s Edition. The film also airs regularly on The Hallmark Channel.

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On television, projects Maryann has penned and produced have aired on Cable News Network (People Now, The Mike Douglas Show), USA Networks (Alive & Well), Showtime Networks (Roger Corman Presents movie series), SyFy Channel (MOWs), The Movie Channel (MOWs), and PBS-TV, DirecTV, Dish Network (Simply Delicious Living with Maryann®).

Upcoming Theatrical Movie Projects

Future screenplays and series pilots written (and to be produced) by Maryann include: Lady in the Window (based on Maryann’s award-winning novel of the same name, Ticket Home, The Good Heart (screenplay adaptations based on the novels by James Michael Pratt), The Art of Survival (based on the best-selling books The Art of Survival by Charles Pierce with J. Marlando and Din by J. Marlando), Friends Are Forever (based on the novel Husbands May Come and Go, But Friends Are Forever by Judith Marshall), To Jeffrey With Love (original screenplay of a true story), and Harrington House, (original series created and written by Maryann Ridini Spencer and Brian Oppenheimer), and other original screenplays.

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Maryann's first novel, the Best Book Award-Winning Lady in the Window (May 2017, SelectBooks, Santa Rosa Press, 2019), is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets. The Paradise Table (Santa Rosa Press, 2019), a Kate Grace Mystery, sequel novel to Lady in the Window, and Amazon Best Seller (December 2019), is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other outlets.

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Simply Delicious Living TV Host, Cookbook Author, Food & Lifestyle Journalist

As creator, writer, producer, and host of Simply Delicious Living with Maryann®, (2010 to present), a Telly award-winning healthy living cooking series (and cookbook), Maryann cooks up easy, healthy dishes. The series is broadcast on PBS Television (KVCR-TV in Southern California, DirectTV, Dish Network, and YouTube).

Via Simply Delicious Living, Maryann has worked consultant, recipe developer, and food stylist for Jarlsberg USA, Woolwich Dairy, Garlic Gold, Beanitos, Spice-Topia, and others.

Environmental News

Sustainability Now News, created and reported by Maryann, which showcases the environmental, social, economic, and cultural pillars of sustainability (cultural vibrancy, economic prosperity, environmental responsibility and social justice) appears on TV, YouTube, and in print. Find out more.

Sustainable Ventura News, an award-winning series Maryann created, produced, wrote, and reported was broadcast from 2010-2018 on local television in Ventura, as well as on the news and lifestyle pages at Ventura County Star. 

Newspapers & Magazines

Working as a freelance journalist throughout her career, Maryann hass contributed to a variety of national and regional newspapers and magazines. Her primary beats cover Writing (screenwriting, novels, cookbooks, TV/Print Journalism), Food/Epicurean, Sustainable Living, Healthy Lifestyles and Joyous Living, Home and Family, PR and Marketing, Business and Women’s InterestA sample credits include Ventura County Star (Video Reporter and Print Columnist), Palm Springs Life Magazine (Food Editor/Writer), Los Angeles Magazine, Desert Magazine, Totally Local VC, Soap Opera Digest, Hi-Def, Women in Film Publications, and many others.

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Early Beginnings — Equity Theatre & TV News

Maryann started working as an actress and apprentice in such Equity and Equity Waiver Summer Theatres as Hampton Playhouse and New London Barn Players on the East Coast at the tender age of fourteen. Later, studying film and television in college, she landed a job as a casting director and assistant producer at a top NY ad agency before heading West scoring a gig as a writer/producer for Cable News Network.

Studio Executive

Maryann transitioned into public relations and marketing working at independent Hollywood agencies for several years until she served as Director of Public Relations for Miss Universe, Inc. (then a Paramount Pictures Company). Duties included supervising the national and international publicity on location around the world and in the U.S. for the Miss Universe, Miss U.S.A., and Miss Teen U.S.A. pageants and titleholder appearances. Maryann spearheaded the coordination of all campaigns, events, galas, and press and promotional activities for corporate sponsors, including Mazda, Maybelline, Evan Picone, J.C. Penney, and Minolta, Catalina Sportswear and many others), involving 80+ countries worldwide. 

Later, Maryann was appointed Senior Vice President at Stephen J. Cannell Productions where she supervising publicity and marketing initiatives in Los Angeles and Vancouver, British Columbia before founding her own company.

Public Speaking & Lectures

Maryann serves as a Board Member of National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO Ventura Chapter) in the position as Marketing Director. She also lectures on a variety of topics including Food/Epicurean, Sustainable Living, Health and Wellness, Writing, TV and Film Production, PR and Marketing, and Women’s Issues.

Recent Awards & Honors.

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Maryann lives between Southern California and Hawaii.

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Named "Visionary of the Year" by NAWBO (2016)
Named "Visionary of the Year" by NAWBO (2016)
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