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How we work: Your Strategic Partner

REC has a proven track record garnering millions of media impressions for its clients in a variety of industries.  We work as your strategic partner assisting you to achieve your business goals with individually crafted, branded and targeted PR & Marketing Campaigns & Events.

A sampling of REC Services

•Branded PR & Marketing Campaigns & Strategies

Individual,  targeted & branded campaigns are developed and designed to achieve your specific goals and objectives.  REC works on monthly retainers and on a special project basis.  Ask us for a menu of suggested services to promote your business or product.

•Multimedia Content Creation

Our expertise is developing and creating branded content (writing, producing, directing, distribution and marketing) across all media platforms (television, radio, print, online, theatrical films, MOWs, syndicated television, cable, mobile, and other media).

•Bundle of  Cutting-Edge Technologies

Including, but not limited to — Full service Video  & Podcast Content Creation, Video & Podcast Development, Production, Post Production (Editing), & Market Distribution

•Professional Writing Services 

Experienced, branded content development and writing:   Videos, TV Projects,  Podcasts,  Commercial Advertising, Corporate Projects, Blog and Website content, Print Articles, Newspaper/Magazine content, and more.

In addition to content development and production, REC works with a variety of distribution outlets to get your branded content appropriate visibility.

Website, Blog, Online Magazines, & Social Media Sites

Design & Construction, Article Writing, Video and Podcast Content Creation, Production and Distribution, Creative Graphics, Ongoing Site Maintenance, SEO Strategies and Advertising, Cross Promotions, PR & Marketing.

•Event Planning &  Coordination

Full-service event coordination from event development to venue selection, invitations, entertainment, decor, and catering coordination to supervising the public relations & marketing of the event.

•Cross promotions

Development, coordination and marketing of branded promotions and special projects across multiple marketing and media venues.

•Business-to-Business Networking & Branded Community Outreach

REC will seek out the most advantageous business alliances and cross promotional tie-ins directly in line with your business objectives.

Proven Track Record

REC has over 20 years of solid public relations and marketing expertise in a variety of industries: theatrical & motion picture, television, home video, cable, post production & special effects, sports, music, health/medicine, finance, fashion & beauty, food & restaurant, education, non-profit, Fortune 500 & 1000 companies.

For every campaign, REC utilizes its  vast network of national and international television, film, radio, print, and online media contacts on a daily basis to assist you in achieving your business objectives.

Creating Branded Campaigns that garner results

For each individual client and project, REC develops a targeted, time-lined campaign utilizing REC’s extensive network and database of media contacts to meet mutually agreed upon public relations and marketing goals.

Your Experienced, Proactive Strategic Partner

REC stands out due to its ability to provide experienced, specialized care that a larger agency just isn’t able to provide. REC serves each client’s best interest and specific needs with reliability, integrity and style.

Let REC’s experience be your success!

Client Sampling

We work in a variety of industries customizing campaigns and projects to fit your budget and needs!

Call for a FREE Consultation

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