In “The Paradise Table,” a Kate Grace Mystery and Maryann Ridini Spencer’s follow-up novel to her award-winning “Lady in the Window,” a year after the tragic loss of her beloved mother, freelance lifestyle writer Kate Grace’s life seems to be turning around when she marries her soul mate, Dr. Kai Stevens, in paradise: Hanalei Bay, Kauai. But when a violent act shatters the quiet serenity of her new life, a shocking series of events are set in motion that lead to the confrontation of a devastating, decades-held secret. Still grieving and rocked by recent events, Kate must tap into her intuition, dreams, and prayer to understand synchronicities sent from the beyond in the hopes of bringing peace and healing to her family, friends, community… and to herself.

Santa Rosa Press, 2019

Hardcover: 978-0989040518

Paperback: 978-0989040563

eBook: 9780989040570




a Kate Grace Mystery

by Maryann Ridini Spencer

When a violent crime rocks the quiet serenity of Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Kate taps into her intuition, dreams, and prayers to solve a decades-held mystery.



“Maryann Ridini Spencer creates a place, time, and mood that will make you want to come back for more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a mystical island journey to ‘The Paradise Table.'” – James Michael Pratt, “New York Times” and “USA Today” bestselling author

“‘The Paradise Table’ is another plumeria-laced ‘Kate Grace’ mystery from talented writer Maryann Ridini Spencer. In this book that follows best-selling ‘Lady in the Window,’ Spencer again magically weaves together the breathtaking beauty and spirituality of Kauai, miracles, and the power of faith and love into an intriguing quest for the truth. When violent dreams become reality in this peaceful island paradise, newlywed Kate unearths disturbing secrets that will change everyone’s lives, causing her to embark on a sometimes heartbreaking and shocking path. ‘The Paradise Table’ is not just another mystery—it is a heartwarming validation of self-trust, friendship, love, and healing.” -Kathy Strong, award-winning travel author of “Secret Southern California,” columnist for “USA Today”/Gannett Newspapers, and founder of

“When friends band together to help one another, magic happens. ‘The Paradise Table’ is a touching, beautiful book that explores the healing power of how “doing unto others” and helping one another can transform lives in this often-arduous journey of life. Together, we can help soothe sorrows as well as celebrate in life’s astonishing beauty.” – Alyce Morris Winston, founder, and president, the Jeffrey Foundation for children with special needs and their families

“Maryann Ridini Spencer artfully portrays the strength and beauty of living authentically. She also shines light on the negative power held within secrets and reveals potential dangers of secret- keeping. ‘The Paradise Table’ takes a reader on a mystical journey that demonstrates how there is more breadth to life than what the eye can see and more depth in the human heart than what anyone yet perceives.” -Charlene Costanzo, bestselling author of “The Twelve Gifts of Birth”

“As Kate Grace uses her intuition and heaven’s synchronistic cues to help guide her earthly path, bridges of understanding are created that transform her life, as well as those of her ohana. It’s a beautiful, visionary story about the human condition and how we knowingly, and unknowingly, impact the lives of those around us.” –Merry Aronson president and CEO, Merry Media, and co-author of “The Public Relations Writer’s Handbook , The Digital Age “

“‘The Paradise Table,’ with its touches of divine inspiration, demonstrates how out of heartbreak and loss, and with the love of ohana (friends and family), we can find hope, healing, and understanding.”

– Marianne Pestana, show host of “Moments with Marianne” and producer, “The Whitney Reynolds Show” (PBS-TV)